Baby Care

It can be a real challenge to take care of a new born baby especially when it’s a first born child to the mother. Infants are very delicate and need extra attention and care. However, mothers with no guidance or support might get really exhausted at times. Hence, our nurses are given special training about taking care of an infant and a mother who just gave birth to her first baby. Our nurses help and guide the mother for baby care. Our nurses take care of the baby’s feeding, massage, vaccination, daily care and bathing, guiding mother for breastfeeding, keeping record of baby’s intake, output and sleeping habits. Moreover, the nurse also takes care of the mother by massaging her, giving medicines on time, maintaining her diet, etc.
In this way our special nursing attendants services at home helps in proper raising of the baby, reducing stress from the recovering mother, taking care of both of them. As a parent lots of responsibility comes at once, and when it’s about your own child every parent is super obsessed in making sure that their baby is safe. We here offer you a level of care you can trust.